• 54dieg0
    23-Feb-2020 16:25:12 PM
    Should I bet this much here? This was the question running through my mind as I was hesitating to place a $5000 bet on Machester City v.s Westham 3 days back. But after joining 23Ace for 2 months, they seem pretty legit and I took the risk and place the bet. MC won and I managed to cash out. Good job 23ACE, living up to your words.
  • gogo11
    23-Feb-2020 16:15:54 PM
    I used to be sceptical about online casino, in my first attempt with 23ACE, I made a deposit of $300 and managed to cash out $5400. When I got this much, I was so worried that I would not be able to cash out my winnings :( :( Thank god I choose the right online casino. Now, 23ACE is my only choice to quench my thrist for baccarat. Thank you 23ACE for making my life better.
    To those who are reading this, trust me! You will not be disappointed!
  • jeffer88
    19-Feb-2020 15:44:36 PM
    One of the best bet portal I had ever use. No problem on deposit and withdrawal, and it is fast. The customer service is friendly as well. What else can I ask for more. Keep it up 23ace! 😊
  • ingless
    18-Feb-2020 20:47:28 PM
    the best platform that i ever met. fast deposit and withdrawal.. superb nice, friendly and patience CSO. they are just simply awesome group of ppl ..

  • Mavedick
    18-Feb-2020 20:11:28 PM
    fast withdrawal/deposits

    Warm regards,
    18-Feb-2020 20:07:29 PM
    First platform that gives me good promotion, steady rebates, fast withdrawal great customer service.
    Best part the customer service always send me gif, wah first time I see customer service crack me up in the morning, make lady luck fall in love with me.
    Great job 23Ace keep it going and roll in the money for me
  • Lovelle
    18-Feb-2020 20:05:59 PM
    Good and fast response and have patients to teach and explain how to bet and click
  • becks2307
    18-Feb-2020 19:39:30 PM
    Prompt response, deposit fast and withdrawal round the clock. Many Sports and casino games for you to choose. Will recommend you to try.
  • dollies
    18-Feb-2020 18:50:27 PM
    1 of the best service provider currently. Fast deposit and withdrawal. A lot of good sports plates and casino to play. Support 23ace!
  • Mcrxx
    18-Feb-2020 18:01:48 PM
    Swift and prompt withdrawals and deposits.
    Friendly customer services.
    Service so good that you just gotta tip them when you win. But they have regulations to follow as they don't accept tips from players. Extremely honest customer service too. Soccer betting and casino betting are all user friendly. Keep it up guys!
  • Ahfu888
    18-Feb-2020 17:35:58 PM
    Fast deposit and withdrawal, friendly customer service and thanks god its 24/7 available! I’m enjoying the 6x withdrawal per day as a small player, I usually withdraw out abit by abit. It’s really convenient and easy to use for soccer bets. So much choices for online casino too! Nice bet portal. 🤗

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